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The Process of Applying Ceramic Coating to a Vehicle

Nov 16, 2020

The Process of Applying Ceramic Coating to a Vehicle

As previously discussed on our blog, there are several benefits of ceramic coating being applied to a vehicle. It can make a car’s appearance look much nicer and more premium, and makes it easier to clean and maintain the car in the long run. But while we know the purpose and benefits, what is the process of applying the coating?

In this article, we will explain the general process of applying a ceramic coating to a vehicle’s bodywork based on techniques that are commonly used. If you wish to apply a ceramic coating yourself, we would recommend that you, first of all, seek in-depth guidance from a specialist.

The Ceramic Coating Process

Ceramic coating is becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why. While this type of application does have its cons as well as pros, as long as you have carefully considered your decision, a successful job will undoubtedly bring a luxury feel to your car. Motorists can apply their own ceramic coating, but it’s definitely recommended that they instead seek a professional. Professionals will be experienced in applying the coating and will know how to achieve perfection. Each stage in the process is critical. Anything other than a top job can lead to serious damage to the appearance of your car, the results of which you may find difficult to reverse.

Here is our short summary guide to the process that can be used for applying a ceramic coating to a vehicle:

  1. Thoroughly wash the car beforehand to remove dirt, grime, debris and anything else that may affect the application of a new protection layer to your vehicle
  2. Use a clay bar cleaning kit to remove any surface contamination on your bodywork
  3. Polish the vehicle with a rotary tool to correct any paint imperfections before proceeding
  4. Wipe down the car with an isopropyl alcohol solution to remove any chemicals, oils, lubricants, polishes and waxes that may still be present on the bodywork
  5. Store the vehicle out of direct sunlight prior to applying the ceramic coating
  6. Wrap a small cloth around an application sponge and apply a few drops of the ceramic coating
  7. Wipe the ceramic coating on the vehicle by using a circular motion or a crosshatch pattern
  8. Continue to apply the coating evenly until each section is covered – remember to add more drops of the coating to the sponge as necessary during the process
  9. Leave your car to cure indoors – an infrared curing lamp can help speed up the process and improve results

Infrared Solutions for Paint Curing

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