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Our aim at InfraTech UK, born out of years working in and owning auto body shops, is to provide the most effective and efficient infrared paint curing lamps and other IR drying systems at affordable prices to businesses in the UK and beyond. Our product range of bodyshop heat lamps, such as the high-end IT-6000, has been carefully selected for their outstanding performance, robust frame and lower power usage.

With fast, precision drying suitable for all types of professional SMART repairs and low power output, you will see a noticeable difference in productivity, completing more jobs for your bodyshop and keeping customers happy, whilst benefiting from a considerable reduction in your energy costs. Each of our body shop infrared heat lamps have been made to the same high specifications and with a thick steel frame and base providing strength, support and stability. You will be able to rely on your InfraTech infrared paint curing lamp again and again. We ship our infrared dryer lamps throughout the UK and countries across the globe.

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