IT-3000 Short Wave Infrared Drying Lamp

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Advanced Infrared Paint Curing Solution

Presenting the Infratech IT-3000 Infrared Paint Curing Lamp & Drying System, a pinnacle solution for professional-grade repairs.

Experience unmatched coverage with a towering 2.5m height and a curing area spanning at least 1000 x 900. The extendable arm's versatility makes it tailor-made for bonnets, roofs, and large, high-sided vehicles, enabling a broader spectrum of repairs. Individually operated lamps ensure optimal energy utilization, preventing unnecessary expenses when working on smaller areas.

The IT-3000 automotive heat lamp seamlessly aligns with the demanding performance standards of high-volume commercial body shops. Its robust design, boasting 3 x powerful 1100W bulbs, caters not only to extensive drying needs but also makes it an ideal choice for small garages seeking efficient and reliable performance.

Boasting a full digital control display, including a timer, temperature control, and presets for tasks like drying filler and base coat, the IT-3000 ensures precise and hassle-free operation. Versatile in application, the IT-3000 excels in spot repairs, adhesive stripe removal, drying filler, primers, and paint/lacquer, or simply preheating before spraying.


Section Dimensions
Lamp Panel 550 x 100 x 250mm
Post 1500 x 50 x 50mm
Base 900 x 900 x 50mm


Paint Type Drying Time
Filler 6-8 MINS
Base coat 6-8 MINS
Clear coat 8-10 MINS

7-9 MINS


Electrical Spec
Voltage 220/240
Watts 3300 
Wire Length 5 meters

Why Choose Infratech?

Improve your workflow with IR technology

Maximise Your Efficiency

Infrared paint curing lamps from Infratech provide outstanding performance for maximum efficiency. Each body shop heat lamp has been designed with productivity in mind to save you time and money, allowing you to prioritise your business needs where it matters most. You have control over the lamp’s temperature and with fast drying and excellent coverage, your job will be done in no time.

Improved Performance

Our infrared paint lamps can help your automotive business provide the very best service to your customers. These highly-efficient and fast drying infrared lamps will help save you time and allow you to focus your efforts on other tasks. Your customers demand the safe return of their vehicles as soon as possible and in a quality condition – an Infratech automotive heat lamp can provide exactly that!

Championship Standards

The Infratech IT-6000 is, without doubt, the best choice when seeking a high-end infrared paint curing lamp. This lamp features 6 adjustable drying heads, allowing you to finish jobs faster than ever. With a very long reach, this lamp can cure heights of up to 2.6m, providing the perfect solution for large commercial vehicles. If you require a premium curing lamp, look no further than the IT-6000.

Perfect for Smart Repairs

SMART repairs are vital for automotive businesses as it allows repair to a small area without replacing a whole panel. This method uses specialist tools that hone in on the damaged area. This means benefiting from cheaper & quicker repairs for issues like dents, scratches and scuffs. SMART repairs are usually done in a few hours which is why our lamps are perfect due to their power and time-saving advantages.