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The Difference Industries Where Our Infrared Lamps Are Used

May 29, 2020

The Difference Industries Where Our Infrared Lamps Are Used

At InfraTech Infrared Solutions, we offer a versatile range of infrared drying lamps that have been used in a wide variety of industries. The flexible nature of these products has seen us receive orders far and wide, from PLCs to private customers across the world. Our business customers have worked in a range of sectors from automotive and aviation to niche areas such as textiles.

Here are some examples of the different industries that have made use of our infrared lamps…

Bodyshops and Detailers

The automotive industry is perhaps one of our most popular sectors. In particular, bodyshops and garages have found our lamps to be highly effective in aiding the process of vehicle repairs and modifications. The lamps speed up the process, achieve maximum results and end up saving bodyshops time and money in the long run. Another area that we have recently seen rapid growth in is with car detailing. Detailers have identified our products as an the ideal drying solution, especially with the surge in motorists looking to apply ceramic coating to their vehicles.

Formula 1

One of our more fascinating case studies is how the lamps have been used in the auto racing industry. Here it’s important that vehicles are suitable for racing purposes, taking into account efficiency and safety, and time is always of the essence in preparing for the next race. We’re delighted to have supplied our lamps to a range of championship winning F1 teams, including Mercedes, McLaren and Williams

Naval Aviation

As the HMS Queen Elizabeth naval warship approached the final stages of its construction, we were approached by the Royal Navy to help cure the ship’s flight deck. We provided our lamps to the Royal Navy and worked closely with engineers to ensure the best results were achieved ahead of a time-sensitive deadline. No matter the size of the challenge, our infrared paint drying lamps are up to any task.


InfraTech lamps are not just suitable for land and sea, but also air! In any situation where paint drying is required, our lamps are highly effective in getting the job done. The aeronautical industry is one where quality matters. When applying coating and providing maintenance, it’s important that the aircraft’s outer layer can withstand heavy environmental conditions for long periods of time.

Plus… plenty more!

This is far from a definitive list of the industries where our infrared drying lamps can be used. We are proud to be able to offer a flexible range of products that can be used in almost any industry where quick and effective drying is required, including manufacturing, textiles and much more.

View our product range today to find a lamp that suits the needs of your business. Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.