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Get a Free Infrared Bulb for Providing Us With Feedback

Aug 04, 2020

Get a Free Infrared Bulb for Providing Us With Feedback
Did you know you could get a free bulb for your infrared paint curing lamp? Well, you do now! Here’s how…

At InfraTech Infrared Solutions we’re always eager to be able to offer customers a range of high-quality products along with an outstanding level of service. To be able to consistently achieve this, we welcome feedback from our customers so that we are able to maintain the quality expected of us. From the ordering process to the quality of the product, we value what you have to say.

As an incentive for your feedback, we are offering verified customers who’ve purchased from us a free bulb worth over £40 if they complete two simple tasks. To be eligible, all you have to do is leave us a review on Google and provide a link back to InfraTech from your own website.

When you have completed the above requirements, simply visit our Free Bulb Promotion page. From there, you can submit your details and a member of our team will verify your submission – if you are eligible, a free bulb will be on the way to your address!