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How Infrared Speeds up the Car Detailing Process

Nov 05, 2019

How Infrared Speeds up the Car Detailing Process

Infrared paint curing lamps are used for a variety of purposes and some of our most common customers can be found in the detailing industry. But do you know what car detailing is and how infrared can speed up the process? Keep reading to find out how our infrared lamps can be used in the car detailing industry.

Car detailing is a premium way to treat your car with a refreshing clean, ensuring that it looks as good as brand new. It is usually carried out by professionals via hand as opposed to automated technology which can leave scratches and swirls on your bodywork. Car detailing focuses on quality while traditional car washes are more concerned with efficiency and moving from car to car.  The process of a car detail will vary and many detailers will often offer several packages including different services. The services a detailing offers may include waxing, buffing, dent repair, touch-up painting, fixing scratches, and applying ceramic coating. It can also include a complete clean on the inside such as full vacuuming, steam cleaning, and shampooing the seats, mats and carpets. Working with fumes can be dangerous, which is why fume extraction fans are recommended to capture and eliminate fumes before they reach people.

So we know that detailing is a thorough interior and exterior cleaning of a vehicle, but how can infrared be used to speed up the process? As mentioned above, automated car washes are designed with efficiency in mind to get through a number of cars as quickly as possible, but detailing is a much more thorough process that takes longer. With an infrared heat lamp, the process can take much quicker without sacrificing quality. Infrared is powerful enough to dry paint within minutes and allows you to focus efforts elsewhere while the curing process takes place. These lamps are also mobile and offer excellent coverage, allowing you to focus on the areas that require curing.

If you are a car detailer and require an efficient solution to help you deliver maximum results and increase productivity, browse our range of infrared products today.