IT-500 Handheld Infrared Heater Lamp

Infratech IT500 infrared drying system. Handheld drying head curing for doing small jobs faster and more efficiently.

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Product Description

The IT-500 handheld infrared heater is a handy, convenient and effective infrared drying lamp that allows you to complete smaller jobs faster and more efficiently, thus saving you time and money per job.

Providing good mobility and fast drying, the IT-500 infrared paint curing lamp is guaranteed to increase productivity levels and has been built to a light and versatile specification allowing you to reach difficult areas while on the move. This environmentally-friendly product only uses 1kw of power, making it a very cheap and economical drying system. The IT-500 features long life bulbs of up to 8000 hours while maintaining a low glare for eye protection.

This automotive heat lamp is perfect for pre-heating panels, curing fillers, primers and base coats while also presenting a great return on investment for smaller garages and body enthusiasts alike, especially when mobile working is required.

The IT-500 is a handheld infrared heater intended for small jobs which require mobile drying. For more complex jobs, check out our stand-based products such as the IT-1000 or IT-2000.

Increase productivity with exceptional coverage and fast drying; just six minutes for base coat and filler!

Combine lower power output with faster drying and you get cheaper energy bills; from less than 15p per hour!

High specification
Total reliability and accurate results with a robust frame and fixings and adjustable lockable heads

Quality assured
All our products are covered by the Infratech Satisfaction Guarantee, come with a 12 months warranty (unless otherwise stated) and are CE quality assured. If you have any problems let us know and we will rectify it for you.

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Size42 x 35 x 10 cm
Weight3.5 kg


Paint TypeDrying Time
Filler6-8 MINS
Base coat6-8 MINS
Clear coat8-10 MINS
Primer7-9 MINS


Electrical Spec
Plug3 Pin Commando

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