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What You Should Know About Infrared Heat Lamps Before You Buy

Jul 21, 2017

What You Should Know About Infrared Heat Lamps Before You Buy

Whether you are a curing enthusiast or a large garage, knowing your stuff before you choose an infrared heat lamp is crucial and so here is everything you need to know before you invest in Infrared Curing Lamps:

Know Your Running Costs:

Depending on the size of your project, knowing the running costs of using a high powered infrared curing lamp can be a very important detail.

At InfraTech Automotive Solutions, our incredibly efficient curing lamps start from just £0.06 per hour with the IT-1000!

Know the Surface Area Coverage:

Knowing the surface area coverage of your infrared heat lamp is essential and can turn a simple curing job into a lengthy task if you get it wrong. If the surface area is too small, not only will you have to move the heat lamp regularly, but it becomes much more difficult achieve an even finish. When using multiple heat lamps at the same time, take care to ensure that the positioning does not create a heat spot that may damage your project if not watched over correctly.

Servicing & Repairs

If you purchase an infrared curing lamp from InfraTech Automotive Solutions, you will be covered by the InfraTech satisfaction guarantee (unless stated otherwise) which entitles you to a replacement device or a refund in the unlikely event that your curing lamp is faulty.

Our infrared curing lamps are well built and built to last, however The overwhelming majority of faults are caused by user fault and so infratech now offers replacement bulbs on our online store, should one happen to be knocked over.

Which Infrared heat lamp is right for you?

At InfraTech Automotive Solutions, we have a wide variety of highly efficient infrared heat lamps ideal for curing. Take a look at all of our curing lamp products here: each product page has its own spec information and more. Feel free to get in touch with a member of the InfraTech team by calling us on 0151 230 1275 (Monday – Friday during office hours) or alternatively please email us via and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly.

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