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The Essentials: Plastic repair kits

Sep 12, 2016

The Essentials: Plastic repair kits

Our new HS-1 Professional Plastic Repair Kit is an absolute must for all bodyshops.  Designed to make quick and efficient plastic repairs to vehicles it offers an unbeatable return on investment and is an ideal solution for fast and efficient auto repair.  Priced at just £99.00 plus VAT with FREE 24 delivery to the UK mainland no workshop can afford to be without one!

It’s no great secret that plastic repair kits – or ‘hot staplers’ as they’re otherwise known – have completely revolutionised the way in which plastic auto parts can now be simply repaired wherever you might happen to be.

Our new fully portable HS-1 plastic repair kit not only enables you to repair parts instead of replacing them but since it’s quite literally a ‘plug and go’ product it’s also ready for use in just seconds.  What’s more, its’ unique temperature control system means you can simply adjust the heat depending on the type of repair and its quality stainless steel staples come in three different shapes and sizes for maximum flexibility.

Simply ideal for repairs such as head light lugs, bumpers, fairings and thermos plastic parts, the new HS-1 completely alleviates the need to find replacement parts and is designed to sit comfortably in the palm of your hand.

The repair kit comes in its own tough and durable case which also houses extra parts, making it a great asset to any tool kit.  It’s also covered, of course, by our no-fuss satisfaction guarantee and – as with all our products – it carries a 12 month warranty for added peace of mind.

Guaranteed to be an asset to any bodyshop and CE quality assured, of course, this is definitely a product to consider and one that will quite literally pay for itself.  Put simply, no workshop should be without one!

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