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Supplying Royal Navy Ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth

Oct 25, 2016

Supplying Royal Navy Ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth

InfraTech Automotive Solutions is pleased to have recently had the pleasure of working with The Royal Navy. The Royal Navy found themselves in a spot of bother, as one of their warships (the HMS Queen Elizabeth) had the deck repainted and needed the paint to dry as soon as possible. Disaster struck as the deck of the ship had been painted with a special magnesium paint that was extremely difficult to dry naturally and had taken over 2 days to dry a tiny 8 meter squared area.

This is where InfraTech Automotive Solutions stepped in and provided our high quality infrared curing lamps to get the deck dried quickly. The deck is made out of a very thick steel and so required a constant surface temperature  f over 80 degrees to cure properly, which was no problem for our infrared heat lamps. Even with a tricky magnesium paint, we managed to achieve a fantastic curing time of 20 square meters per hour allowing the next stage of the HMS Queen Elizabeth project to continue.

Interesting HMS Queen Elizabeth Facts:

  • The HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest warship ever built by the Royal Navy!
  • Launched on the 17th of July & Cost £3.1 Billion
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth is classed as an aircraft carrier
  • 25 knots top speed (46km/h)
  • Capable of carrying up to 40 aircraft (36 jets and 4 helicopters)

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