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Our Infrared Curing Lamps Are Selling Out Fast

Dec 15, 2016

Our Infrared Curing Lamps Are Selling Out Fast

InfraTech Automotive Solutions provides the most efficient and highest quality infrared paint curing lamps available on the market, which is why it is no surprise that last month has been one of our best ever in terms of sales. As a result our stock of all infrared lamp products is now extremely limited, so be sure to get yours as soon as possible!

Click the links below to go to our product pages before we sell out of stock:

IT-1000: Entry level curing lamp.
IT-2000: Dual headed curing lamp.
IT-3000: Large triple headed curing lamp.
IT-6000: Our biggest curing lamp available, this is ideal for the big jobs.

Carl Finley, InfraTech Solutions Director had this to say “I know our InfraTech systems are a great investment because we use them every day. My body shop business has more than doubled its output and vastly reduced our energy bills.”

The InfraTech Showroom:

You can even come and visit our showroom! Due to the growing demand for our products, we have recently moved to a larger building and would love the chance to show you our curing lamps in action. Visit us at Unit A, Edwards Lane Industrial Estate, Edwards Lane, L24 9HX

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