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Other Uses For Infratech’s Infrared Curing Lamps

Nov 06, 2016

Other Uses For Infratech’s Infrared Curing Lamps

InfraTech’s infrared curing lamps have far more uses than drying specialist automotive paints. Our high quality products are trusted by companies nationwide for a wide variety of reasons, so here are some other uses for infrared curing lamps from InfraTech Automotive Solutions

Bonding Adhesives:

Adhesive bonding or otherwise simply known as glue bonding can often be a lengthy and tedious process. Some complex adhesives can take days when left alone however with the added benefit of an infrared curing lamp will allow you to complete this stage of the project with ease.

Drying Fillers:

The powerful infrared heat allows you to not only dry fillers quickly and efficiently, but also to dry fillers tack-free resulting in a smoother and more professional finish for your project.

Fast Action Drying:

The fast action drying effects of infrared lamps ensures maximum coverage at affordable running costs, allowing you to achieve a wide surface area of infrared curing from just £0.15 per hour. InfraTech Automotive Solutions are trusted by The Royal Navy, McLaren, Williams & The Mercedes Formula 1 racing team.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our incredible products, you can browse the variety of infrared curing lamps we whave available here

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