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Infratech Care: Best Practice for using Infrared Curing Lamps

May 15, 2017

Infratech Care: Best Practice for using Infrared Curing Lamps

Here at InfraTech Automotive Solutions, we pride ourselves on creating efficient, high performance infrared curing lamps that will provide professional results to all customers.

Our products are incredibly high quality and are incredibly unlikely to fail. The biggest reason for failure is actually accidents caused by the user, so in this blog I will discuss the best practice for using Infrared Curing Lamps.

What is the InfraTech Quality Assurance?

When you purchase an infrared curing lamp from InfraTech Automotive Solutions, we want to ensure that each and every curing lamp works as intended, which is why in the unlikely event that your curing lamp is faulty, we will happily send you a replacement device or provide a full refund.

Best Practise with InfraTech Heat Lamps:

We ensure that all of our products are created with the highest quality materials to ensure the highest performance in each curing lamp however if they are not set up correctly it may cause damage to the product.

  • Before operation, please read the user manual & quick start guide thoroughly
  • Ensure that the lamp is secured properly,
  • Please be aware that the power cable will provide a trip hazard
  • Operate the curing lamp on a flat surface.

Our Products:

We currently offer several different curing lamp products that differ in size and spec. Feel free to visit the product page for more information here: If a bulb is damaged or broken we sell them separately in our store here: lasting up to 8000 hours.  0% finance is available on selected products, contact our team to find out more by calling 0151 230 1275 Monday – Friday during office hours

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