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How to Maximise the Efficiency of Your Infrared Heat Lamps

Mar 31, 2017

How to Maximise the Efficiency of Your Infrared Heat Lamps

InfraTech Automotive Solutions provides some of the most effective infrared heat lamps to the highest spec, however despite providing exceptional tools across the globe, incorrect use of them can cause a headache as well as even damaging your equipement/ project. Below are some essential tips to ensure you make the most of our Infrared heat lamps.

Correctly Setting Up Your Heat Lamp:

All of our products are incredibly durable, however the number 1 reason for product failure is user caused damage due to improper assembly/ careless usage. The primary cause of damage due to incorrect setup is not ensuring that all components of the frame are secured properly and all nuts are in place and tight. If these steps are not undertaken correctly, the infrared heat lamp will likely fall over and cause damage to the product which may not be covered under our satisfaction guarantee!

Positioning & Optimum Distance From Work Surface: 

Perhaps one of the most important things you can do when working with infrared heat lamps is to ensure that you are using the correct positioning, especially when working with multiple lamps to ensure that there are no hotspots or cold spots which will result in an uneven finish.

Use the Correct Temperature:

Depending on the type of coat as well as the material of the surface you are working on, optimium temperature times may vary. Be sure to check the instructions on the packaging of whatever coat you are using and then manually set the temperature on your Infrared heat lamp.

Using The Timer Function:

On our infrared heat lamps, there is a temperature and timer function that you can manually set with each use. The timer function is a handy tool that will turn the device off when the timer runs out, allowing you to work on other things whilst the heat lamp is doing it’s job. *it is advised that you check on your work frequently to ensure an even finish is achieved.

Get the Right Product For You:

We offer multiple infrared heat lamps with a variety of sizes and specs and so it is vital that you pick the right tool for the job. Pick one too large and you have overkill/ risk damaging your project if you do not watch it, and too small and you may be there for a while.

For more information on any of our infrared products feel free to get in touch with the InfraTech Team. Give us a call on 0151 230 1275 during office hours or alternatively email us on and we will answer your query shortly.

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