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How Infrared Curing Works

Feb 23, 2017

How Infrared Curing Works

At InfraTech Automotive Solutions, we strive to create the best infrared curing products on the market,

So How is Infrared Technology used to dry surfaces?

In a similar way that the sun heats the earth, the infrared rays given off from our curing lamps are aimed at your chosen work surface. The infrared rays travel through the air (without heating the air) and absorbed by the surface you are working on which causes the curing process. When your chosen surface absorbs the infrared rays, the electromagnetic waves cause the molecules on the surface to oscillate which causes the surface to heat up.

As infrared curing lamps do not dry the air around it, it prevents losing any heat through your ventilation system unlike a traditional heater which loses efficiency to open doors/ windows. This allows infrared curing lamps to be used in wide open areas including outdoors. Outdoor Infrared heaters are incredibly effective and energy efficient and so are very popular with bars & restaurants that may have an outdoor smoking area to keep customers warm.

Infrared Curing products are clean, safe, environmentally friendly, efficient and ideal for repairs of any size (see our product for more info).

You can browse all of the infrared curing lamps we have to offer on our website here: including our newest product, the IT-6000 the best and biggest curing lamp we have to date! All sizes and specs are listed with each product. We also offer individual bulbs compatible with all of our infrared lamps which have a run time of up to 8000 hours.

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