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How Effective Are Infrared Curing Lamps

Aug 03, 2017

How Effective Are Infrared Curing Lamps

How effective are Automotive Infrared CuringĀ Lamps?

Sick and tired of waiting around for your project to dry? Infrared curing lamps can improve your productivity and speed up a refurbish/refinishing project by accelerating the drying times of many different coats & finishes.

The vast majority of the time, you can not proceed with the next stage of the project without leaving sufficient time for your work to dry, and so infrared curing lamps are the ideal solution to reduce waiting times and increase your productivity. When you use a powerful curing lamp from InfraTech Solutions, you can increase cure fillers, coats, and even magnesium based solutions in minutes.

Paint Type Drying Time
Filler 6-8 MINS
Base coat 6-8 MINS
Clear coat 8-10 MINS
Primer 7-9 MINS

Take a look at how our curing lamps helped the Royal Navy on the new aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth!

At InfraTech Solutions, we supply a range of automotive infrared curing lamps with different sizes and specs, from the small, yet efficient IT-1000 to the IT-6000 which features a whopping 6 adjustable heads for the big jobs. You can see all of ourĀ infrared curing lamp products here:Ā Still not sure which curing lamp is right for you? check out our handy blogĀ hereĀ or feel free to contact us on 0151 230 1275 or emailĀĀ for more details.

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