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How 0% Finance Can Secure Your Infrared Lamp

Apr 09, 2018

How 0% Finance Can Secure Your Infrared Lamp

At some point in our lives we’ve all been stuck in the continuous loop of wanting something while lacking the necessary funds. At InfraTech Automotive Solutions, we pride ourselves in providing products which increase the productivity of automotive businesses no matter their size. As a result, we are delighted to be able to offer 0% finance on selected products.

How can 0% finance help you?

Do you need a lamp urgently for your business to function at an efficient pace? With our 0% finance option, we can help you secure a financial agreement which suits you best. By taking out this type of finance option your business can benefit from the increased productivity our products offer while paying at an agreed rate with no interest. We believe in a partnership that saves you both time and money.

All orders worth £250 or more support 0% finance pending an approval process. If you simply can’t afford to pay upfront, then this option is a great way to ensure you can still receive the infrared heat lamp you require for your automotive needs.

Apply for 0% finance

The process to apply for 0% finance couldn’t be easier. When you have an idea about the type of product you want, simply contact us and we will begin to discuss your order details and specific requirements. You will then need to complete an application form and we will process your order as soon as your application has been approved.

  1. Get in touch to begin the application process
  2. We will discuss your details and requirements
  3. Fill in a finance application form we have sent you
  4. We will process your order once your application has been approved

If you have any questions about 0% finance or our range of infrared products, don’t hesitate to contact us. Visit our social profiles on Facebook and Twitter for more from InfraTech.